EarthAmerica, LLC provides outdoor solutions. Lighting sets the evening mood for your residential and commercial property. Whether it's to extend outdoor usage or to supply exterior safety lighting, our EarthAmerica lighting experts will provide a landscape lighting plan unique for your property.​

Contact EarthAmerica at 704-469-7487 for more information or a consultation meeting.

Landscape illumination for your perfect outdoor living space.


Residential outdoor lighting not only sets the evening ambiance of your house, it adds curb appeal. EarthAmerica can plan the perfect zoned and timed lighting solutions for your garden and property. Your outdoor lighting system can coordinate with many styles--from traditional to modern--all equipped with the latest cost-saving efficiencies.


Commercial lighting is a must have. A properly lit building and grounds showcase your building and the extensive landscaping.  Let the experts at EarthAmerica show you a plan to take your commercial lighting to the next level -- for safety and aesthetic value. We use only the highest quality lights and timers.

​EarthAmerica Lighting Services 

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