​EarthAmerica, LLC provides outdoor solutions. EarthAmerica is a licensed landscape contractor in North Carolina. EarthAmerica water feature designs (such as a fountain or koi pond) add a tranquil detail to any landscape plan. In large-scale landscapes, EarthAmerica has added ponds with fountains and much needed but not seen water drainage systems.

Whether you're looking for a new water feature or renovating an existing one, give our experts a call.

Contact EarthAmerica at 704-469-7487 for more information or a consultation meeting.


A properly designed and installed fountain will be the focal point of your property. EarthAmerica will plan a custom fountain installation according to your specific landscape requirements.


EarthAmerica can install, repair or renovate your pond or lake. We take care to maintain city and county codes while keeping environmentally conscience of the surrounding property, the needs of the wildlife and the safety of the local visitors.

Ponds and fountains for your perfect outdoor living space.

​EarthAmerica Landscape Water Features 

EARTHAMERICA, LLC established 1999                     CONTACT:  info@EarthAmericaLLC.com                      PHONE:  704-469-7487

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